Unique Family Photo Canvas Ideas

It's easy to create a unique work of art with a photo canvas. It's a way to create something that will last for decades and all you need is your imagination – and some digital photos, of course. There's no need to paint, draw or sculpt, but you can still create memories from your photos. If you have thousands of photos on your hard drive or in your memory card, then it's time to do something exciting with them. Instead of simply emailing a few to our friends and forgetting about the rest, we can use our digital photos to create unique photo gifts.

As the name suggests, a photo canvas is a canvas with your digital photo on it. It's like the canvases that hang in the National Gallery. It is woven and stretched like those canvases; the only difference is that it has your digital photo printed on it. When it comes to creating a photo canvas, size does not matter. They can be as small as a paperback or as large as a computer screen, or even larger.

Simple Or Complex Photo Canvas Ideas

Many people go for a simple photo canvas. That's a canvas with a single photo printed on it. This is a great personalized gifts for commemorating a loved one, or highlighting a picture of the youngest member of your family. However, you can do even more than that. If you're a whiz with photo editing software, you can customize your photo before you send it to be printed. Do not like the background? Change it for something more tasteful. Get rid of red eye and use an air brush effect so that the photo looks its best.

Some photo editing programs have lots of artistic effects, so that you can make your digital photo look like a mosaic, a painting or another style of art. You can use photo editing to combine several photos too, though there is another way. Why not upload a batch of photos and get a photo canvas with dozens of photos. A photo collage is a much better than sticking them to a noticoard with push pins. Creating this kind of effect is a great way to commemorate a special occasion where you take lots of photos, such as a wedding, anniversary party, graduation or special birthday.

You do not need to limit yourself to a single photo canvas. You could also do a whole series around a theme and link them together. It will provide a real talking point. If you live in a scenic location, why not take several pictures from slightly different viewpoints and then hang five, six or a dozen photo canvases together. It's a spectacular way to use this form of art.

Do not forget to choose your photos carefully, especially if you are using a single photo. Make sure that it really is something that you will be happy to hang on your walls. Once the decision is made, you can relax, secure in the knowledge that you have something totally unique. And there's more. A photo canvas also makes a great gift for a loved one. After all, you've got to use those digital photos somehow.