Unique Gifts For That Special Person – Photo Mosaics

Photo mosaics have quickly gained popularity because of their unique and interesting visual appeal. So what exactly is a photo mosaic and what makes it unique? A photo mosaic is a larger photo comprised of smaller individual photos. Put another way, a photo mosaic is a photo which is divided into small squares. Each square is actually it's own individual photo which closely resembles the color of which the actual rectangle once was. So it's basically a montage of small photos to make one large photo!

Although it is possible to create your own photo mosaics with the help of some specialized software, it is often too hard and too much work to get it right. This is where the online photo mosaic store comes in. It is setup with professional equipment to quickly come up with the optimal design at the highest resolution, and a cost starting at under $ 20! Since you get to view the final mosaic before it's actually printed, there is no risk you will not be happy with the final design. The final mosaic photo is printed with an ultra-high resolution printer, which is almost certainly better than most home printers.

The only thing required to place an order is your digital pictures from your camera or on your computer. If you have a digital camera you almost certainly have digital pictures on your computer. If you can not find your pictures, they are most likely in your My Pictures directory inside My Documents. You can mail them over on a CD or they can be sent over via Email almost instantly.

So what's so special about this type of art, and why does it make such a good gift? Well the photo mosaic you end up with is YOUR photos on YOUR mosaic! What could be a more personalized gift than that? You could fit your entire photo album onto a single picture … a single pictures can hold memories of a lifetime!

How much time and effort do you normally spend looking for that unique gift that is just right for your special friend or family member, and how much would you spend? For the little effort in Emailing over some photos, and low cost involved in getting it made, you get the most personalized gift possible!