Unique Grand Opening Ideas

One of the business perks of starting a business in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Ocala, or some other part of central Florida is that the mild winters allow for large, outdoor advertising and grand opening parties all year long! Your grand opening is a very important part of the life and longevity of your new business. It is also especially important to utilize every promotional opportunity during the holiday shopping season. Obviously, advertising is a very important part of business and an extremely important factor in grand opening parties.

But beyond billboards, giant promotional inflatables, and outdoor advertising, how can you get potential customers in the Sunshine State talking about your up-and-coming business? Because, by far, the best advertisement is word of mouth and a positive recommendation from a friend, and retirees love to share gossip and tips. Outside of taking advantage of all that outdoor advertising space to help attract new customers by letting them know where you are and how you can serve them, how can you encourage tongues to wag? Here are some ideas for spreading word of your business through word-of-mouth.

· Do everything you can to encourage customer loyalty from your very first day of business forward. Have some original or standard plan for creating customer loyalty, beginning with some sort of first “reward” for taking part in your grand opening party.

· What is a (grand opening) party without good entertainment? Hire a professional entertainer to charm and educate your new customers.

· Once you have your first business day picked out, contact your Mayor’s office and other local government to ask if they would be willing and able to attend your grand opening party in their official capacity.

· Also get in touch with a few different types of local media in your particular area of Florida, such as radio stations, newspapers, and tv channels to let them know of the details of your business, how you will be serving the community, and all about the activities and prizes planned for your first-day, outdoor event.

· Depending on what type of business you are opening, if it is appropriate, formally invite local religious leaders and their congregations and members to join your grand opening party. Request the honor of their presence as well as their public blessing of both your business and those who attend your outdoor promotional.

· Take advantage of local, younger talent such as teen bands and school marching bands. Often they appreciate the chance to perform for little or no cost.

· Expand the party by inviting non-profit organizations in the surrounding areas of central Florida to be involved with your big day such as pet rescue centers, homeless shelters, recovery groups, etc.

· Formally invite the local honor guard, young marines, ROTC, volunteer Firefighters, or any other public and civil servants you can think of as a way to honor them and formally present the America Flag.

All these ideas are merely to be a starting point for talking to as many people in central Florida involved in as many different walks of life, types of work, and areas in your community as possible (regardless of the fact that a good majority of that population is retired and a transplant from the northern part of the United States). The more people you contact, the more potential customers will be talking of your new business, and the more free advertising you will have.