Unique Hand Railings

Today, hand railings can be more than a way to provide safety. They can provide a dividing line between two living spaces or accent a garden. Even changing balusters can give an old railing a new and dramatic look. Balusters come in many different varieties and are what create the railings. Balusters can be made of wood, iron or a plastic polymer. In some instances, glass has been used to produce unique hand railings.

Wood balusters are available in many patterns. Some common ones have a square top and bottom with a spindle-shaped middle. The middle section may have small grooves at the top or bottom giving it a more elegant look. Some wood balusters are tapered at the top and others have intricate patters carved into them. Spiral grooves are a very attractive variation that produces a Victorian type accent to the hand railing.

Iron balusters come in many attractive shapes including scrolls, twists and shapes including hearts and open spheres. When looking at iron balusters consider combining more than one style. By arranging more than one baluster together to create a pattern, the hand railing that is created will be unique and an interesting accent to the décor. Iron balusters can be exchanged for the existing balusters to refresh an existing hand railing.

Railings today provide more than safety in modern homes. Railings are used to separate living areas. This opens up a new avenue for other materials. By exchanging balusters for glass, a stunning accent can be created. Glass can be difficult to work with and precise measurements are required. Making a pattern out of cardboard could help ensure a proper cut. Glass is expensive and a small measurement error can be costly.

Choosing a reputable glass company is important, not only for quality, but for safety as well. Should you choose to use glass for the handrail keep in mind that there is no room for error. The glass has to fit inside the upper rail tightly and yet swing into the groove in the bottom. It has to fit snugly so that it will remain stable after completion. If the railing does not use fillet to hold the glass in place, this will become a more difficult project. It is possible to do, but will require more effort and time.

Hand railings no longer need to be standard. With the choices of turned balusters, the many variations of iron balusters and the availability of frosted, patterned and colored glass; a hand railing can be the main focal point of any room.