Unlucky 13 Very Serious Energy Questions for the USA

My other EzineArticles on oil, energy, politics, war and economics are all based on some common factors. These factors all point to the grip that big oil has on not just the USA, but the world economy. These Unlucky 13 Very Serious Energy Questions for the USA ask a lot.

1) Why aren’t stockholders and petroleum executives diversifying their portfolios out of petroleum yet?

2) Why aren’t solar panel manufacturers on the stock exchange?

3) Who should be selling electric generation kits to homeowners, farmers, and small businesses who are interested in producing electricity for revenue?

4) Why doesn’t the USA subsidize private homeowners who want to produce electricity like Spain does – paying five times the going rate, just to get private electricity production started up in the country?

5) Why should oil be near $100 per barrel?

6) Why aren’t the taxes on gasoline used for alternative and renewable, clean energy sources – instead of funding the oil wars?

7) Why doesn’t Wal-Mart and Lowe’s and Home Depot offer a wind or solar kit to homeowners for production of electricity to sell to the utility companies?

8) Why must nuclear power and coal and oil be used to produce steam generated electricity – instead of solar heat reflection?

9) Why shouldn’t hydrogen be subsidized instead of oil?

10) Why aren’t billionaires creating windfarms and solar fields and water desalinization plants – not enough federal subsidies to make it profitable yet?

11) When will it become good business to use clean energy, stop oil cartels and petroleum rich dictators from forcing USA military policy, and take all the money out of the oil wars?

12) Why did Allan Greenspan wait until now to say Iraq is an oil war – the most recent of many – just to sell his book?

13) Why does everyone have to be told that their is no BIG OIL, it’s just a lot of Mom and Pop investors providing clean energy for a needy world?

The reason that you can’t answer most of these questions is that your government and your economy won’t really explain that the same multinational network indirectly runs the USA, the world economy, OPEC, Russian Oil – even indirectly Iran and Al Qaeda. And these, in turn, run the implementation or suppression of technology, the military, and you. As a patriot, a citizen of this world, and a believer in God – I hope we get the answers before it gets a lot worse. – Oh! Do you notice which nations are important – just measure their oil production or their oil consumption – that really has been the main criterion for several decades.