Unusual Hotels in Spain – From Castles to Caves

Finding unusual lodging can make your trip to Spain memorable whether you are looking for a modern hotel in Madrid or a eco-friendly experience in the countryside.


The Paradores of Spain are operated by the Spanish government. They are medieval castles, Moorish fortresses, ancient monasteries, charming palaces and stately manor houses. The buildings may be historic and centuries old, but the amenities (e.g.,wireless internet, satellite TV, and minibars) and service are modern. The 93 hotel chain was founded in 1928 by order of King Alphonso XIII.

The Paradores are located all around the country. It is rarely more than a few hours, or at most half-a-day’s drive between one Parador and the next.

The restaurants at the Paradores are as special as the paradores themselves. Each offers a menu that centers around the traditional dishes of the local region, yet prepared in the chef’s own style. The wine lists feature some of Spain’s best wines.

Several of the Paradores are set in extraordinary natural surroundings. Most of Spain’s national parks have a Parador either inside or very near.

Other Paradores are located at historic attractions. The Parador in Granada is located literally inside the Alhambra, one of Andalucia’s architectural jewels. When you stay there you are right inside the beautiful grounds.

Other Unusual Lodging Experiences

El Ventorro Hotel in Andalucia, Southern Spain has 8 en-suite rooms carved out of the mountain. Even though they are caves, they have comfortable beds, TVs and heating. Off the courtyard is a door that leads to Arab baths complete with warm and cold pools and a area with masseurs.

Hotel Silken Puerta América, Madrid, Each floor of this hotel was done by a different designer. From rooms that are all white to bathrooms that are all red, the rooms at this hotel are very modern and very dramatic. Even the hotel garage had a designer.Some of the rooms are not too expensive, but most are quite pricey.

Want a different type of camping experience? Try a Tipi holiday. This eco-friendly luxury camping experience comes with a double luxury camp bed with feather duvet and a private shower room within the cave complex. They have an outside kitchen with a BBQ, gas hob, a refrigerator, and pots and pans. You can use this to prepare your own meals if you wish.