Update and Reset Your Adtran Netvanta 1224STR

Updating the firmware on an Adtran Netvanta 1224STR PoE switch can seem like a daunting task if you have not done so before. Following these steps will help walk you through the process

**NOTE** If using the enhanced feature pack you will need an Adtran account with valid purchase to validate the download of the enhanced feature pack.

In order to complete this How-To, you will need the following:

  • A computer that has a network connection and a COM port available. If no COM port is available, a USB to COM port adapter may be substituted.
  • A network switch with at least 1 free port for the Netvanta router is preferred, but a crossover cable can also be used.
  • A program you can utilize to console into the router.
  • A TFTP server solution for your computer. You will use this to transfer the firmware to the router.
  • An Adtran serial cable This is a requirement to gain access to the router.

The first thing you should do is download the latest firmware from Adtran. Firmware updates are available on their website. Once you’ve downloaded the firmware you’ll want to install PuTTY and Solarwinds TFTP if you have not already. Move the firmware you’ve downloaded to the TFTP-Root folder located on your computer’s C: Drive. Make sure that Solarwinds TFTP is running.

Connect the serial cable from your computer’s COM port to the Adtran router’s console port. You’ll want to run an RJ45 Cat5 (Ethernet) cable from your router’s Eth 0/1 port to your network switch. Go ahead and take this time to also find out your computer’s IP address. You’ll need this in a few minutes. An easy way to do this is to run the command IPconfig from Window’s Command Prompt. In our case, the computer is on IP

Go ahead and start PuTTY up. Select a Serial connection type with a BAUD rate of 9600. Hit connect. You’ll want to do this before you boot up the router as you only have a few seconds to enter bootstrap when you first start up the router.

Now plug in the router and hit escape. You’ll load into bootstrap mode. From here you can begin to make changes to the switch. The first commands you will want to execute are as follows:

bootstrap#erase file-system

This will erase all files in the file-system. Proceed? [y or n]y

Erasing file system. This may take several minutes…

This will erase the old firmware on the netvanta. Do not do this if you have a configuration on the router you need! Once this is finished we can begin transferring a new version of the firmware onto the router. Use the following commands to transfer the firmware:

bootstrap#ip address

bootstrap#copy tftp flash

Address of remote host?

Source filename? N1224RA-13-15-00.biz

Destination filename? [N1224RA-13-15-00.biz] **hit enter**

Initiating TFTP transfer…

Received 13711081 bytes.

Transfer complete.

Here we specify the IP address of the router as You can change this to whatever suits your needs. We tell the router to copy a file to the flash memory by TFTP. The address of the remote host is our PC with the firmware installed on it. The source filename is the firmware’s name you downloaded. copy and paste this with the file extension.biz. You will then be able to begin the transfer

The next command is:

bootstrap#boot system flash N1224RA-13-15-00.biz

Primary image: NONVOL:/N1224RA-13-15-00.biz

Backup image: none


This will save the firmware to your router and enable the router to boot from it. Once your router has booted back up you are finished!