Use a Titanium Hammer for Framing

These days there are so many types of hammers that can be used that you often have one hammer for each type of work you want to do with it. There are special hammers for drywall, for framing, for demolition, or for metal work. Each carpentry project has a hammer that is just right for it. One use of hammers is for framing. When doing this the hammer used must be just right. A framing hammer is usually one that has a long handle and is heavy because that adds to the power that it has to make sure the nails go in far. Sometimes the weight of these hammers was a problem for those who were doing framing work. But that was solved by the advent of the titanium hammer.

Now there are lightweight titanium hammers for framing that make doing the work easier and faster. The lightweight hammer can move faster. That means it gets a stronger hit on the nail. This means fewer hits necessary to make the nail go all the way in. This lighter weight also means less tiring by those working with the hammer. It means less muscle strain and so a more productive worker. They are also known to be less stressful on a person's elbows which are known to be a point of strain. Whereas most steel hammers weigh around twenty two ounces the hammers made from titanium frequently weigh only sixteen ounces.

Titanium hammers come with the regular features of any other hammer. They have a claw for removing any nails that did not go in straight. They also have a magnetic holding slit for the nails. These hammers are a little more expensive than the regular steel head models but the less arm strain and better hammer range seem to make up for it.