Use Landscaping Lights To Transform Your Garden

Installing electrical lighting system is important from many angles. Apart fro providing lighting, lights also provide security to your garden. This is especially true if a major portion of home landscaping is in the backyard. The lighting indications that the space is occupied and keeps away any unwanted intruders in the property promises.

There are many creative ways to carry landscaping lighting. But lighting designed purposefully for garden can be categorized into two types.

1) General purpose lighting

2) Special purpose lighting

1) General purpose lighting – In this type the main purity of the lighting system is to provide lighting during nighttime. Keeping this in mind the locations of the lights is decided. Which are the areas that require general-purpose lighting?

  • walkways that will be used for commuting within the garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Kids play area
  • Outdoor patio

Since these areas have a very specific purpose and function in the garden, good amount of illumination is necessary.

2) Special purpose lighting – This type of lighting can include colored lights for mood creation. Whatever to include such kind of lighting in a garden entirely depends upon the owners wish. There are certain factors that govern the use of special purpose lighting, such budget, purpose of adding them, etc.

In most case the special purpose lighting is included in the landscaping lighting system for two reasons

  • Value addition
  • Creating mood

The special purpose lighting includes use of floodlights and spotlights that illuminate only a portion of the space. These can be used to elaborate a special space in the garden such as rock garden, water fountain, sculpture, a big tree etc.

Thus landscaping lights can be used very creatively. With a combination general purpose and special purpose lighting (if necessary) wonderful landscaping lighting effect can be easily created.

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