Use of Animation in Uplifting of Mobile App UI/UX Design

Motion explains the concept of some story in the most interesting style. Motion is not about to represent long or complicated stories but motion explains how to use animations to make short stories more engaging and easy to understand. When people start enjoying the concept, story becomes more popular and full of concepts.

Today, display trends have been changed completely. People are not interested in designing or browsing static screens but motion-based screens are more popular that attract or engage the users the most. They guide the users how to use apps in best way and what is the meaning of different tabs included inside the application.

Some of the important highlights of animation include – better engagement, interaction, intuitive in nature, more interesting, and striking. When your application has small or large number of animation elements, your app can explain more interesting things with great ease.

For a while consider one example, reading one document or looking the same thing on to TV screen. Obviously, videos are given more preferences and easy to understand as well. Animation effects can be used in multiple ways with different contexts and scales.

Animation effects have immense capability to grab user attention and influencing communication behavior too. Here, we will discuss how to use popular animation effects for overall upliftment of mobile app UI/UX design.

Application loading should be interesting

Application loading takes lots of time and it should be interesting in nature. People get frustrated and bore soon when they have to wait for longer time interval. At the same time, something relevant to the application makes loading really interesting. The concept is really meaningful when users are searching for useful information related to the application.

It will display multiple screens during application loading and information will be discussed one by one in detail. When application loading is pleasant then people get confident at least something is happening. Most of the websites have already started working on the same trends and now mobile apps have also switched to the same concept.

Transitions should be extra smooth

Transitions between different graphic elements on display screen should be smooth like multiple screens, menus, buttons, labels etc. Transitions should be planned so beautifully that users’ attention can be grabbed quickly. Transition between app elements should be automatic like you are also moving along. Every time when you click on a link, users should feel real time experience as you actually want it.

At the same time, smooth transitions are just next to impossible without animation. Just think for a while about one UI where you can play between menus or options with ease. They are like carrot for eyes to give special charm to users with fewer efforts only.

Relationship between elements of an app can be enhanced

Animation is the excellent choice to enhance relationship between different components of an application. For example, menu icon transforms into playback option and vice versa. Further, there is one single button to operate in dual mode – Play and Pause. Here, both options are connected to each other and one is dependent over other.

Other popular example is floating action button and so many other options on the screen. Here, every time you browse some option, it will display one message and user can perform the same action as expected.

Animation feedback to depict wrong actions

Animation has capability to depict wrong actions as performed by the users. For example, if user enters wrong data then animation depicts the same positively. Here, users can understand the situation in best way and they always perform the things accordingly. Most importantly, animation feedback allow users to perform consistently and they can do right things in interactive manner.

Responses for certain actions should be animated

Animation can provide visual responses for each and every action performed by the users. Animation makes you sure that particular process is complete or it is into progress. Till the time, responses were planned in the form of text. Think for a while when same action will be performed by the animation, it would have really good impact on users.

We have discussed the most important facts that can be executed either for some website or your application as well. You might have your own interesting ideas for your app to enhance overall graphic effects. You just have to make sure that animations have been used at the right place in the right amount only. When you are sure on all important facts, it will surely uplift entire mobile UI/UX design.

If you have some interesting ideas to use animation for app then please share with us. Also, we are always in best practice to share latest updates with users that are really amazing and workable too.