Use of Color Psychology

When you are purchasing clothes or house items, you select colors that attract you. This means that color is part of our lives and influences the way we feel and react. Colors influence our behavior patterns and this reaction to colors is called color psychology. Reactions of different people to different colors is common and these reactions change from country to country.

Use of colors to heal in Egypt, India and China in ancient times is evidence that color psychology has been in use since time immemorial. If you take color red, you will stimulate various people differently. There are those who regard it as bright and invigorating color while others view it as being overpowering and in some cases disturbing. This shows that different people use red in different occasions.

Black is another color that incites different reactions from various people. Some believe that black shows sophistication but to others it denotes a tendency to submission. For instance, you will find Christian priests wearing black robes to show their willingness to submit to God. With this knowledge of two colors you can see the correlation between your behavior and emotional state when you are in places that have been given certain color treatment.

The study of color psychology will enable you to know effects of color and treatments they are given. It is also important to psychologists to understand what sort of emotional response to expect from patients. This field is new and reactions to color shades are yet to be identified and documented. As this field grows you will learn more facts on how our behavior and mental patterns change due to color.