Use Reliable Stomas Skin Barriers and Stop Stoma Skin Irritation

Skin problems are extremely popular in most stoma patients and these irritations can be very stressful to them. This will elicit annoying discomfort which will lead to insolence on their part.

Normally, irritations are the aftereffect of using ostomy supplies. That is why it is important to use only reliable hollister stomas skin barrier with flange. However, there are some who have skin “reaction” to the materials or the components used. If this happens, make sure to inform the nurse.

How to determine skin irritation?

To determine irritation, a burning and itching sensation will start to manifest under the skin barrier. This is usually the effect of leakage or a reaction of the product, either way immediate checking of the stoma must be performed.

What are the different skin infections?

When skin irritation emanates and is not addressed to right away, may lead to develop a skin infection. This is so because micro-organisms may start to proliferate because the stoma is warm, moist, and soiled. This may not cause major diseases but for patients that are suffering from general ill-health or diabetes or maintains immunosuppressive medication might somehow experience more complications.

For mild skin infections, an antiseptic may be used to cleanse the infected area. Further, oral antibiotics may be taken for those experiencing severe infections.

Fungal infections may include Thrush or candida, Tinea corporis or dermatophyte infection, and Pityriasis versicolor. Viral infections on the other hand may include herpes simples or commonly known as cold sores, viral warts, and molluscum contagiosum.

How to avoid skin irritations?

Avoid skin irritations by taking care of the stoma wound area. Follow these simple steps of skin care to have irritation-free stoma. Here’s how:

1. Cleanse the surrounding skin of the stoma with water only and use a cotton wipe. If cleanser is used, have it thoroughly rinsed immediately. Avoid oily or any perfumed products.

2. It is important to shave any hairy areas around the stoma at least once a week. Make sure that the razor blade is clean and sterilized.

3. Cover raw areas with a thin hydrocolloid wafer before putting the stoma bag, do this only if it is required by the doctor.

4. Also, a barrier film, pastes or powder is required to protect the skin and avoid leakage.

How to stop skin irritation?

Simple! Use only efficient ostomy medical supplies. This means that the ostomy products should obtain the following properties:

1. It must be soft, comfortable to use, and is made from a low-irritant material.

2. Adhesive tapes must be able to stick evenly to irregular body contours so as to inhibit unwanted leaks.

3. Stoma bag should be waterproof.

4. The ostomy products should be integrated with charcoal filter to keep it odor-free at all times.

Skin irritations may now be evaded with the proper cleansing procedure in as much as learning how to determine a dependable ostomy supplies. Use only reliable hollister stomas skin barrier with flange and make your patient comfortable and gratified.

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