Useful Information About Mosaics

Mosaic is a form of tiling that is usually used in showers and on floors to add a lot of color and style to the room. Mosaics can be found in a large number of textures, colors, layouts and shapes so that if required, you could customize every room in the house. Not only are they are a form of tiling, they are sometimes even considered works of art, called mosaic art.

Most mosaic tiles come with ridges on the backside so that glue can bond more securely to the tile. Nearly all types of glass, stone and ceramic material can be considered as a mosaic tile. The vitreous-glass mosaic tile is a glassy stone-like material that is opaque, not clear, and is not as sharp as regular glass when cut. It is better to use mosaic supplies like mosaic glass cutters for cutting glass mosaic tiles; regular tile nippers may cut the tile but not as predictably as with a mosaic glass cutter. Ceramic mosaic tiles are popularly used for architectural applications, as they are quite cheap and can be easily cut using regular tile nippers. Sometimes, broken pieces of china and other types of dinnerware are used as mosaics, but as this ceramic dinnerware is engineered to be unbreakable, the plates produce razor edges when broken. Some of the mosaic tiles come attached to fiberglass mesh that keeps the tiles arranged in a grid. This mesh is then glued directly to the floor to be tiled. If you need to remove the mesh to get loose tile, the tile has to be soaked in warm water and the tiles fall off the mesh.

Mosaic tiles are not only used for flooring; they are also used to produce pieces of mosaic art that can be used for display. Mosaic tables make a great piece of furniture, with a tabletop made of mosaic tiles. Pools are the greatest source of use of mosaic art, with mosaic used in different mosaic patterns on the bottom and edges of the pool.