Using a Drill to Make Holes in Wood

Making holes in a wood with a drill is quite an easy job. What you need is just the right kind of drilling tools for particular wood. Skills and tools are both important for drilling holes in wood. Many times people often commit some blunders like applying too much pressure while drilling, drilling with fast speed and last but not the least using drill bits used for metals. Keeping these few minds in mind and a bit of effort can enable you to drill the holes like experts.

For large holes in wood, you will require a suitable saw. If you want to make small holes, drill, brace and bits are required. There are bits available in the market of different sizes and shapes, which can be use with, braces or other electric drills. The common feature of all the bits their rotary motion.

Hand Drill

Hand are usually operated by hand at a low speed through a simple bevel gear. It consists of a small, hand or key tightened, three-jaw chuck (about 6.5mm) and a side and a top pressure handle. This will keep the drill firm while turning the handle. Bits with straight round shanks are usually used with hand drills. Hand is capable of drilling a hole in wood, soft masonry and wood. The great advantage of hand drill is they are easy to control and unlike power they can be used when supply of electricity is not available. It is essential to examine the hand drill properly while purchasing it. It is to be certain that the gear teeth are evenly spaced and on turning the handle the tooth on one wheel should be in contact with the tooth on the other wheel. This will ensure the smooth transfer of load from one tooth to another.

Breast drill

Breast drill is considered as the larger version of the hand. Both hand drill and breast drill use the same cutting bits. Breast is used horizontally. On the top of the metal handle it has a curved metal piece, which is used to apply pressure with your chest on the. Breast drill in many deigns have two different gearing systems. These gearing systems help to adjust the speed of the drill. Chuck of a breast drill is fastened with hand and normally has larger capacity than hand drill.


Brace consists of two-jaw chuck intended to grip the tapered square section of the bits. Straight shanks can also be used with brace. It has a cranked handle and on turning this handle in round motions, chuck move. Brace has relatively slow rotational speed but with high torque. Screwdriver bits can also be used with braces. You canl a hole in wood of about 50mm in diameter with brace.

Electric drill

Electric drills are usually operated by electric motor.l stand is also available for these drills to provide stability and accuracy. These drills can be used with auger bits, twist drills and flat bits.