Using a West Bend Slow Cooker For Rabbit

Thanks to the extremely efficient and versatile slow cooker, the braised rabbit New Brunswick stew, one of the most well known and most celebrated dinner items, is easy to prepare and full of flavor. Slow cooking the tender meat from a rabbit is probably the best way to bring about the natural flavors and aromas of this dish, and combined with very carefully selected, complimentary ingredients, this dish is one of the healthiest and most delicious entrees for all ages and at any time of the year.

Essentials you will need for this recipe:

One 7-quart slow cooker, preferably one such as the West Bend slow cooker, so ingredients slow cooked and simmered through the course of the day are kept at a constant temperature and cooking pressure for even cooking (thanks to the slow cooker) and distribution of heat, maximizing flavor and texture.

Other ingredients you will need for this recipe:

1 sm Rabbit; (1 to 2 lb.)
1/2 ts Basil; chopped
1/2 ts Chervil; chopped
1/2 ts Lemon thyme; chopped
Salt and pepper; to taste
2 tb Butter; clarified
1 Red onion; pared, halved
1 Carrot; (batonette)
1 Celery rib; (batonette)
2 Red potatoes; cut in quarter
1 qt Brown chicken stock
4 oz Lima beans; sheled
1 tb Tomato concassee

Nice to have, but not essential ingredients for this recipe:

Tomato concassee: skinned, seeded, finely chopped tomato pulp basil, chervil, lemon thyme, chopped, to taste

Preparing the braised rabbit New Brunswick stew:

Remove the hind legs and thigh bones from the rabbit. This makes rabbit meat pieces the perfect size for simmering and to fit into the slow cooker. Combine herbs by sprinkling generously over rabbit meat and season folds with salt and pepper.

Trim off belly and front legs, place pieces around buttered onions, carrots and other vegetable ingredients. Rabbit loin, potatoes, stock and lima beans sit on top of other ingredients, to ensure slow cooking process cooks smaller pieces uniformly on top of larger ones, with precise timing. Set it on medium heat for 6-9 hours, or until ingredients form thick, gravy-like consistency. Slow cooker will simmer ingredients together, and rabbit meat's rich flavors and intense aromas will infuse with the rest of vegetable ingredients and spices to result in a perfect combination. Slow cooking rabbit meat also maximizes texture and tenderness for the best possible flavor.

To serve braised rabbit New Brunswick stew:

Remove any leftover bones from rabbit loin, reserving warm meat at the bottom of each bowl. Arrange celery, carrots and thigh pieces on platter, arranging potatoes and other ingredients left in the cooker between rows of meat.

Pour warm stock over all ingredients; serve steaming hot with fresh corn bread.