Using Bamboo To Decorate A Garden

Bamboo is a versatile material that can be used to give any backyard a distinct appearance. The canes are very strong and resist damage from age and weather better than many other natural materials. There are several different types of bamboo poles that are available. Some are very thin and flexible, while others are very thick and can be used to create exceptionally strong structures in the yard. There are also a number of different species that have slightly different properties and colors.

Plant Stakes

There are a wide range of uses for bamboo poles in a garden. They make sturdy reusable plant stakes when they are inserted into the ground. The natural segmented texture of the surface allows plant ties or twine to rest securely at different points along the length of the pole. Thicker pieces of bamboo can be used as edging in the garden to distinguish walkways from planted areas. When very long poles are inserted into the ground, the canes can make an effective weed barrier that will stop deep roots from crossing into a planted area or a raised bed.


Tall poles can be bound together at one end in groups of three or four to create a tall trellis that is good for climbing plants. The canes can be arranged vertically and horizontally to create a grid trellis that can be attached directly to a wall. A combination of different reeds can be tied together to form archways and other decorative structures that can highlight plants that have been trained to grow around the reeds. Long and thin rods are regularly bent and then placed into the ground to form the skeleton for a cold frame or to support garden cloth.


A garden can benefit from bamboo rugs as well. The rugs are a good way to mark pathways between plantings. They can be propped up to create shade for a particular area in the summer. Depending on the construction of the bamboo rugs, they can also be used as a weed mat to help keep the ground clear. When the mats are left in the soil they will provide years of use. After they have served their purpose, the mats will slowly decompose and become part of the soil.

Bamboo tends to blend into a garden very well. Unlike some brightly painted metal garden fixtures, these sticks present a natural appearance that is non-intrusive. The poles can also be used as supports for flags, cloth and networks of twine for light climbing plants. A garden that integrates bamboo not only has a unique aesthetic appearance, but is also more environmentally friendly than a garden that uses less renewable materials.