Using Decals to Decorate Your Rental

Many people have decided to forgo owning a home and have turned to renting. Particularly for those who move to a new city or are only in the area for a short period of time, renting can be a great option. However, no matter how long you are staying in your rental space, you still want it to feel like home. Since most rentals come with plain white walls and require a security deposit, it is often hard to find a way to make the space yours while not jeopardizing your chances of getting your money back.

Many renters are now turning to custom wall graphics. Unlike paint or wallpaper, wall decals are a removable option that still allows you to customize your space without the commitment. Chances are you’ve seen wall decals, typically in the form of some inspirational or comforting quote on a friend or family member’s wall, but decals are capable of so much more than that!

One great way to use decals is by having them custom print with your favorite images on them. Rather than adding more holes to your walls that you’ll later have to patch, you can use laser printed decals to add a personal touch to your walls. Depending on the type of vinyl the images are printed on, you may be able to reuse them in future rentals if you are careful in the removal process.

One popular decal trend that has come about recently is simple shapes. Decal makers are selling large packages (50-100 items) of simple shapes like circles or triangles cut out in a variety of colors. These packages allow you to take the decals and create your own pattern on your wall in order to create fun pattern effect. Those who want something a bit more interesting can also opt in for something like pineapples or pine trees, both creating a fun, yet simple décor.

Another great use for decals is in nurseries or children’s rooms. Due to the fact that their tastes are constantly changing, decals are a great way to create a fun space for them that can easily be changed over in the future without the hassle of paint or removing wallpaper. From simple quotes to cute animals and characters, the possibilities are endless when it comes to decals.

Renting can be a great option for many, but a struggle to make it feel like home. Decals are a great option for any renter or homeowner to help you create a space that’s all your own!