Using Granite Remnants Outside of the Bath and Kitchen

Granite isn’t just for countertops anymore. With the recent popularity of granite and granite remnants, more people are utilizing this beautiful, durable stone in other places, not just the kitchen and bath. With granite’s rigid composition and quartz flecks, remnants can add depth and dimension to any home design. So put on your thinking caps. It’s time to get creative with granite remnants.

First, What is a Granite Remnant?

A granite remnant is just as it sounds: leftover pieces of stone cut down from a larger granite slab. These leftovers are odd shaped and most times cannot be used for large countertop projects that require a seamless piece of granite. Instead, these leftovers are pushed to the side and are virtually forgotten about, but creative designers see potential in the repurposing of these remnants.

Repurposing Remnants

Since granite is a natural stone, you can’t just throw it away. It does not decay down like organic materials, and often choke landfills with its presence. Repurposing granite remnants allows for the recycling of these pieces and can give you a unique design element.

Remnants can be used for smaller projects, like smaller side tabletops, or even be used for a patchwork pattern on a larger tabletop. There are no rules to using remnants. You can mix and match colors and texture to create original designs for tabletops or bar countertops.

In the bath, you can create a mosaic effect on an accent wall by patterning thinner portions of granite remnants to give the room a warm, rustic feel. Choose a focal wall to place your remnant patchwork on. You can even find ceramic or glass tiles to offset the look and create more drama in your design. This is a look you can take anywhere in your home as well. Why not create a unique patchwork pattern around your fireplace, to create an inviting space for those colder nights of winter?

Remnants can be also be used outside. You can patchwork patio settings to give your backyard a rich, dynamic look. Add more durable elements, like glass tiles or blocks, to break up the pattern and create a wholly unique to your patio. You can also create a focal wall on the exterior with different granite pieces to give your home a rustic, natural look.

Be Creative, It’s Only Granite!

With remnants, you can play around with the design elements without the stress of ruining a large piece. Like puzzle pieces, you can piece together a look through multiple styles, colors and textures of granite, or you can use one piece to create a small desktop or tabletop. Granite’s strength and versatility allows homeowners and designer to think outside the box and add granite where it once was thought impossible. Don’t be sold on the thought that granite is only for countertops. Remnants give you a range of possibilities that granite slabs cannot. With design, there are no rules. Be creative; it’s only granite remnants.