Using RAM Mounts With Your GoPro Camera

RAM Mounts have generally been put to use in the motor vehicle and marine world for mounting GPS’s and cellular phones to cars, boats, motor bikes, buggies and so on. Simply being an extremely universal mounting solution, these excellent mounts have found their way into the Sports Camera marketplace for use with GoPro, Contour, VIO and many other camera brands.

A RAM mount normally has a sturdy aluminium ball attached to the device you intend to mount and a second ball attached to your vehicle. From there, there is the option of 3 different sized arms to interconnect both of those RAM balls, fixing the equipment or digital camera onto your vehicle. With respect to GoPro mounting, RAM’s B type (1 inch) ball is sufficient for your sports action camera. The B type ball is constructed from aluminium, which also has a rubber coating on the exterior of the ball. This ensures a solid hold between the RAM arm and the RAM ball. This particular rubber coating furthermore decreases vibration, giving a very steady video or photo from your Sports Action Camera. This mounting system is universally adjustable, as a result of the using the awesomely engineered ball and arm system.

Normally, to utilize a RAM mount with a GoPro camera, you’ve had to make usage of the ball mount with the 1/4″ UNC stud together with a GoPro tripod adaptor. Following that you’ll be able to utilize any selection of the hundreds of RAM components to attach a GoPro Camera to just about anything at all, just about anywhere. Even though this is an exceptionally durable mounting platform, the bond between your RAM ball stud and the GoPro tripod adaptor, could have a tendency to loosen off, particularly in motorsport applications where vibration and movement is high. This may lead to the camera moving, twisting or even unwinding from the mounting system.

To be able to make your connection between the RAM ball and the tripod adaptor a great deal more consistent, to help reduce the danger of this occurring, you can actually apply a tiny amount of Loctite to the thread before properly tightening up the components. This makes the bond more permanent and shock / vibration resistant.

Using a RAM mount to mount your GoPro Camera, enables you to take smooth and steady video footage without the risks of losing your camera. Although for added security it is also a good idea to attach a safety lanyard to your GoPro, just in case.