Using Weights to Boost Your Testosterone and Other Hormones

If you find yourself going through the aging process then it is vital to understand the life hormones within your body. These hormone include testosterone and growth hormones and are your main life hormone which boost energy levels, increase muscle mass, enhance sexual performance, reduce body fat, build strong bones, lower cholesterol and generally help you maintain a healthy body.

Intense strength training can effectively increase your testosterone levels, even in women this hormone is a vital life hormone. Most strength and weight training will increase your testosterone levels but with intensive strength training your vital life hormones will kick into overdrive. For intense strength training, use heavy weights with lower repetitions. This has been found to be more than 26% more effective than using lighter weights and higher repetitions during low intensity training.

Testosterone levels increase with all weight training and compound exercises using many muscle groups can increase testosterone levels even more effectively. These major compound exercises include dead-lift, pull-up, standing row, squat, bench press and push-up.

Short rests between intestinal exercise sessions has been shown to increase testosterone and growth hormone production. It is difficult to maintain high intensity training with short resting breaks. To eliminate this issue you can create a program that includes non-competitive supersets which allow you to increase your testosterone and growth hormones with short rest periods but maintain high intensity training.

Low testosterone and growth hormone are the enemy to a long healthy vibrant life. So remember, use heavy weights and low reps, with non-competitive supersets to get the effective workouts to increase testosterone and growth hormone, and stop the downward cycle of aging.