Using Wood Molding In Your Home

One of the most versatile items to consider in your interior design effort is wood molding. Not only are there tons of uses for it but there are literally hundreds of different types of molding.

Adding it to your decor also increases the perceived value of the home. Post why? Because molding is something that was added purely for esthetics and not as a necessity. Savvy real estate agents know that when a potential buyer spots molding in the home the usually exhibit positive buy signs.

Wood molding can be used in many different ways.

Door trim. Set your home apart by deviating from plain old mitered edges. Adding blocks to the corners will give a pleasing, upscale look to an otherwise plain jane doorway. And, instead of a single door trim, try adding an additional decorative molding for another look.

Baseboards need to be sturdy. The entire reason for having baseboards is to protect the wall. There are different synthetic materials you can get such as vinyl but nothing takes the place of solid wood.

A base shoe molding added to the baseboard provides additional transitioning from the flooring material to the baseboard.

Try dressing up your window casings. Just like doors, windows are usually finished off with a single plain trim and mitered edges. Try adding blocks and trim to match the doorways and you're sure to please the eye.

Is your dining room or kitchen eating area a bit on the cramped side? If so, think about installing a chair rail. Just as the name implies, chair rails are designed to prevent damage to the walls. If the room for your table and chairs is somewhat cramped, sliding the chair back to get up from the table can create unsightly nicks, dents, scratches and sometimes even knock out the drywall. Installing a chair rail at the height of the backs of your chairs will provide a "stop" that prevents damage to the wall. Chair rail material is easily spruced up with a new coat of paint and is much easier to maintain then repairing and replacing drywall or other expensive finishes.

One of the best uses for wood molding is crown molding. Just as the name implies, crown molding gives a "crown" to your room. Placed at the top of the wall as a transition to the ceiling, wood crown molding is one of the best ways to add value and beauty to any room.

Wood molding can also be used as handrails in your stairwell creating beauty and safety to your stairs.

Another use for wood molding is as a top to wainscoting giving a "finished" look to any wall where you have opted to use wainscoting as a design option.

Another decorating tip is to use plain molding as a "frame" on a wall. The frame can act as a design element by adding a contrasting paint, wallpaper or finish to the area inside of the molding frame. This is a great way display your favorite art or other personal items such as a collection of sorts mounted to a backboard of simple, finished wood.

With just a little imagination you can definitely make the most of molding in your home!