Vacuum Cleaners – What You Shouldn’t Do to Your Vacuum Cleaner

Practically every household these days has a vac. After all, this handy contraption makes cleaning the house much easier – particularly if you have kids running around every time trying to make a mess of everything. If you are one of those families that rely on them to get the cleaning done, it would help to make sure that the model that you have in your home is properly maintained to ensure that you’ll get to use it for a long time. Here are some tips.

1. Do not use faulty extension cords:

One of the worst mistakes that you can commit when using a vacuum cleaner is plugging it to a faulty extension cord. Extension cords come with amp ratings and their wattage’s are clearly marked to help you determine just what types of appliances they can power. Make sure to use an extension cord that can handle vacs. Using unsuitable extensions is a common mistake that a lot of households commit. You could be risking irreversible damage and even fire due to faulty wiring if you overlook this.

2. Never pull the cleaner by the cord:

You can damage the vac if you pull it or even carry it by its cord. Using vacs with faulty cords is also risky. You can suffer from electrocution, and fire can break out. Make sure to inspect your electrical cords every month to ensure that your cleaner is still safe to use.

3. Never use it where it is not supposed to be used:

Another mistake that a lot of people tend to commit is using one designed for the home outside the house. You can’t use an indoor cleaner outside because it is not designed to handle the debris commonly found in your garage. You also shouldn’t use cleaners on a wet surface.

4. Don’t pick up hard items:

Before you think of picking up a penny using a vacuum, you might want to consider the damage it could do to the appliance. Hard objects can crack the fan blades on the vac. Make sure to scan the room first for these objects before you run the vacuum all over the floor.

5. Do regular vac maintenance:

Vacs do not require much maintenance. You only need to clean the brush role, empty the dirt container, and wash the filters once in a while. Make sure to allot some time to regularly maintain your vac to ensure longevity of the appliance.