Valor Fireplaces – Why Choose The Valor Fireplace?

Valor was first used by a small business in Birmingham England in the year 1980. Initially it was attached to only oil and petroleum industries. Later they came in to kerosene heaters, which were sold world-wide in the first half on the last century. With the discovery and introduction of the natural gas the Valor became the leading UK manufacturing of energy efficient gas burning fireplaces.

Why choose the Valor Fireplace? The fireplace can be designed in three different styles which are Zero Clearance, Insert and Freestanding. Here the Zero Clearance can be fixed into a place where there was no initially a place for the fireplace. In the Insert design the fire heaters can installed into pre planned fire place. In the Freestanding design you will see some wood burning but in reality there is no wood burning and they can be installed where there is no existing fire places.

The advantages of using radiant heat through the use of Valor Fireplaces are that the heat can be shared in different quantity at different places of the house, based on the requirement. The Valor provides you a remote for adjusting the heat temperature to get from the fireplace. The unique technique used to by the Valor fireplace will also adjust itself according to the outside temperature and will also act according. The Valor heaters does not come with the heater it naturally get the room air into the heat chambers and then flow it back into the room again with the heat. Also when the power fails the valor’s heaters don not because it does not need any kind of electrical hook ups. The Valor heaters are also eco-friendly.

There are three types as stated earlier the first Valor Freestanding Stoves have two types of stoves: one known as Madorna Series and the other as Portrait President Freestanding. The Valor Fireplace Inserts types are Legend G4 Series, Legend G3 Series, Retrofire Series, Dimension Electric Series and Adorn Series. The Valor New Construction Fireplaces have Ventana Series, Vogue Series, H4 Series, Horizon Series, Portrait Ledge, Portrait Windsor Arch, Portrait Classic Arch, Portrait Senator, Portrait President, Portrait Freestyle, Portrait Bolero and Portrait Stonefire.

This different type of valor Fireplaces differs from each other on its design. But they all carryout the same function. The Valor heaters are very eco friendly as well as free of risk from household attacks. They share a great function to provide the best output as they need less energy consumption and they produce more heat.

The Valor heaters have a high input of 36000 BTU which can turn down to 15000 BTU. The heaters blow heat without fans, and also does not require any electricity to pump itself. The Valor heater comes with different type of colors and different design, which are packed in an aluminum firebox and a stainless steel burner. The Legend G4 has a feature of VDR (Valor dynamic Restrictor) i.e. to adjust secondary air automatically into the fire burners. This technology increases the thermal efficiency and heat output.