Valthirian Arc – Flash Game Review

Valthirian Arc is a complicated RPG type game, in which you must control a small school of magical students and train them to help defeat evil creatures.

You are introduced to the basic concept of the game, and eased into each of the different features by a step by step tutorial showing how to manage your students, view your statistics, quests available and your current achievements. The main objective is to complete quests, in turn this will grant you more gold which you can use to improve your academy.

Each student is different. Their skills vary and their aspirations determine the outcome.You must oversee their training and provide them with different exams so that they become qualified in different skill areas, then you can graduate them to increase the fame of your academy and fulfill the king’s expectations. Each students fame is determined by their stats and exams they’ve passed. Don’t get rid of all your best ones however…

Some quests require you to kill monster or bandits. You must take control of your group of students and navigate them around the map, defeating any enemies in sight. If things become to tricky you may use the teacher intervention to aid you along your mission. If you do fail it however, there won’t be any punishments and you’ll still earn LP for what you did accomplish.

There are two different types of game modes, sandbox mode and official arc. During sandbox arc, the game is infinite. The king will pose no expectations, leaving you to play at your own pace and will. However, in official arc, your decisions have to be much more precise, and you must think about every choice you make. If you fail to meet the king’s optimistic expectations at the end of the month it’s game over. Don’t be alarmed though, it automatically saves, you may continue your progress at another time if it becomes too much of a burden.

I won’t lie to you, Valthirian Arc is a complicated game. It takes a minimum of fifteen minutes to fully understand your goals and objectives, especially during a more relaxed version of the sandbox mode. However, with a huge list of achievements to be unlocked and a vast range of skills that you can teach your students, this game, like all addictive RPGs can prove to be very enjoyable and provide many, many hours of fun.