Vapor Steam Cleaning

Having a germ free house is a must have for all homeowners. If you're phobic about germs then vapor steam cleaning is a subject you may want to learn about. Once you start vapor cleaning your home you will be surprised by the drastic change in not only cleanliness but also air quality. If any member of your family suffers from allergies, this will be a godsend.

One key fact to note is that when you sweep, mop, dust and vacuum your home, half of the dirt, germs and bacteria are simply swept away! Germs live everywhere and everywhere and if you're not careful they could be living with you.

So what's your best defense? You guessed right, you should invest in a good vapor steam cleaner, for example VaporClean, Ladybug, Bissell etc.

Today you will find that many of the advertisements focus on portable and handheld steamers. Steamers are able to do a wide variety of jobs: they can clean carpets, grills, bathrooms, kitchen appliances, toys, vehicle interiors, drains, sinks and so much more.

Vapor cleaners work by heating water in the boiler to temperatures of 150 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The great thing with steam cleaners is that all you need is plain tap water, no need for harsh chemicals. Vapor steam cleaners basically emit two types of steam- dry steam or moist steam. The dry steam usually only contains about 6% of water and is extremely hot. This is used to kill mold, dust mites, allergens and bacteria. The steam evaporates almost immediately which ensures that the surface that you're cleaning dries quickly.

If you are vapor vapor cleaning your carpet, make sure that the steamer you use emits dry steam. You certainly do not want to get your carpet wet! Another option when steam cleaning your carpet is to vacuum it right after. The steam allows all the dirt from within the fibers to become loosened which will make vacuuming a thousand times more effective.

A vapor cleaner can be bought for as cheap as $ 30 and as expensive as $ 2,000 US. The wide range of price tells of the variety of vapor steam cleaners on the market that are made to fit specific needs. Once you know what purpose you want one for, simply research and you will find the best steamer that will fit your budget.