Various Benefits of LED Street Lights

More and more cities around the world are installing LED street lights due to the wide range of benefits they offer. The use of these lights is also seen in homes, offices and other public spaces as sustainable lighting is the need of the hour. Installing them have rendered in huge savings.

Countries around the world are investing in LED street lights due to the below mentioned benefits offered by them:

Low energy cost – LED street lights consume 50% to 70% less power compared to HID lights. They can help cut your electricity bill to almost half. They have long life and can be used easily for a decade without burning out. This helps reducing the hassle of changing them repeatedly. They use only 15% of the energy of an HID bulb while giving more brightness.

Improved Light Quality – These lights are much brighter as compared to HID lights. They offer uniform light distribution which helps in improving visibility. They have proved to be very beneficial in cities with various dark spots. They are shock-proof and do not emit a lot of heat. Lesser number of LED street lights is needed to achieve the brightness given off by many fluorescent lights.

Low Maintenance Cost – Because of their long lives, LED street lights are not difficult to maintain. They heat less and are best suited for streets as frequently replacing street lights is expensive, inconvenient and difficult.

Low Emissions – These lights are being used widly as they are very environment friendly. They are free from hazardous chemicals like mercury and lead which are harmful for our surroundings. They are a way to combat climate change as they significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also there is a proper disposal procedure for these lights which help protect the environment from further toxic waste.

Reduction in Crime Rate – Criminals typically take advantage of poor light conditions for stealing or attacking someone. Improved light quality provided by LED lights has significantly helped in reducing serious crimes. Burglars and Criminals fear attacking someone in bright light for the fear of being seen or caught.

LED street lights have become important as some health benefits are also associated with them. This new technology has opened the doors for designers to come up with unique and beautifully designed lights. They offer an opportunity to reduce electricity costs immensely while ensuring a better environment for future generations.