Vehicle Gun Racks

Transporting an expensive hunting rifle or shotgun in a vehicle poses a number of challenges: Safety – In the event of a sudden stop or collision, loose articles flying around the truck cab or inside an SUV could cause injury to the occupants. Damage – It is almost certain that your expensive firearm will incur damage to the stock, exposed metal components or hunting scope if it is not secured in an appropriate location. Access – Ease of access of your hunting weapon will minimize the exposure to damage to the weapon or vehicle and it will enable hunters to ready themselves more quickly forays into the field.

The types of vehicle gun racks are straightforward. Since most hunters will be carrying more than one firearm, a multiple weapon rack is more appropriate. A rear window mount works well in a pick-up truck where there is usually only one or two hunters. A multiple passenger SUV may incorporate two side window gun racks that will carry up to four long-guns. Weapons stored in window-mounted vehicle gun racks are easily accessed.

Critical to the choice of vehicle gun racks are the design of the mounting methods. Many of the racks readily available on the market must be attached to the body with mechanical fasteners; metal screws or bolts. This necessitates making holes in the perimeter of the window. If this is the type of gun rack chosen, the installer should be sure to seal the holes with a professional adhesive or sealant or risk water penetration and extremely rust or corrosion. Cadmium plated or galvanized fasteners should be used to further protect the sheet metal where they pass through the vehicle body.

A much better choice is a gun rack with a "spade" type of attachment device. The spade attachment is a broad, flat, beveled mount that is part of the main body of the vehicle gun rack. It is designed to slide behind the rubber gasket that is used to install the truck or SUV window. The spade mount provides a solid, easily installed and removed, secure rack for those expensive rifles and shotguns. Some late model pick-ups and SUVs use a sealant rather than a gasket, so necessitating the use of glass mounted adapters to quickly install the gun rack.

Vehicle gun racks are not just for guns. When not hunting, the owner can keep other items save, secure and easily accessible, items like umbrellas, hats, canes, fishing poles and anything else you can hang on the rack.