Venice – The Magnificent Romantic City for Your Luxury Family Holidays

The moment you arrive in Venice you realize that you have landed in some surreal place, a place that gives you a magical and wonderful experience. Yes, as soon as you stagger out of Venice metro station and ‘wham’ you are instantaneously transported to some other world. There are many adjectives that come to one’s mind when on luxury family holidays to Venice such as quixotic, appealing, amorous, relaxing and amazing. And, yet these adjectives fail to do justice in describing Venice because you can feel and see the beauty of Venice but it is quite another story when one comes to reproduce it. Words cannot describe nor portray the real charm of Venice.

Being Europe’s most popular family friendly holiday destinations, it is also one of the most peaceful cities in Europe. Again, the city keeps buzzing with various activities and yet you would find no chaos here. Venice can be bit overpriced but when it comes down to it, there is nothing quite as romantic after a long Venetian dinner with your beloved family. When you settle back into the plush seats with your family and slide through the waters of Venice’s back canals guided by the expert oar of a gondolier, your family friendly holidays become no less than luxury family holidays. So, it would not be wrong to say that Venice is a land of contrasts.

In addition to the heavenly gondola ride, you have lots more thrilling options in Venice to see. There is St. Mark Square which looks incredibly amazing and there is Byzantine Basilica which is simply breathtaking. The Doge’s Palace with its gothic architecture will spellbound you and Scuola Grande di San Rocco with its beautiful façade will take you to another world. Simply saying, when you venture out on your gondola, you will see that Venice has one alluring vista after the next.

And, if you thought that Venice only offers its tourists some wonderful things to see, then you are hugely mistaken. Venice with all its charms also has to offer you with an opportunity to buy couture clothing, Venetian glass, delightful souvenirs and marvelous jewelry. Apart from knowing what all to see on your family friendly holidays to Venice, the foremost thing that you need to know is when to visit it. First of all, you should know Venice is crammed with tourists during the summer season so, it is best to plan your holidays in off season to get better prices for everything.