Verse Bridge and Choruses Defined

Song forms are made up of 2-3 elements that consist of a verse and a chorus. some songs even contain the third element which is the bridge. The most common and traditional song form in rap is chorus-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-verse Below are brief definitions of the 3 elements that make up song form.


The verse lyrics are going to be the same melody but different than the chorus. Its wise to try and have the verse connect with the chorus, but dealing with rap you do not needly have to. However if your verse lyrics do not connect with the chorus a great tool you can use is a line or two in the beginning or ending of your versions that connects to the chorus.

Verse Bridge and Choruses Defined


The chorus is the repetitive part of the song that looks to catch your ear. The chorus lyrics give us the life of the song. The title of the song is almost always in the chorus.


bridge is rarely used in rap songs but you may come across one if your featured on a R & B song. The bridge is going to have a different melody and chord progressions than the verse and chorus sections. Try switching your flow over bridges and see what type of variety this add to your song. Bridges are used to separate the repetition of verse and chorus and at times used as an emotional turning point in a song. Until next time …. Good Luck