VideoSecu Adjustable Tilt Wall Mount Review

The VideoSecu Adjustable Tilt Wall Mount can be used to hang your plasma television or LCD monitor on your wall. This product is very sturdy, and can handle up to 174 pounds of weight. Your screen must also be between 32 and 60 inches, or else it will not fit properly on the wall.

This wall mount also enables you to move your screen slightly from side-to-side, so don’t necessarily have to install in right in the middle of your wall. Nevertheless, its black powder coating makes allows it to be matched with any other wall color, and it gives it a nice aesthetic visual appeal.

If you want to install this on your wall, be sure to have one or two extra people to help you as the wall mount is a bit heavy. Also, you might want to buy a few extra screws just in case you lose some of them.

The best way to get movie theater television watching experience is by hanging your television on the wall. By doing this, you also free up a lot of table space where you can put other stuff. The adjustability of the wall mount is great because it will prevent you from getting back or neck pains from stretching to see the screen when moving around the room.

So many of my friends have bought this product and are more than satisfied with your purchase. What’s more, this wall mount is much cheaper than those of other competing brands. Plus, it is even better looking and of better quality than these products.

If you want a television wall mount that is both cheap and dependable, then you should definitely buy the VideoSecu Adjustable Tilt Wall Mount.