Villaware Electric Skillet

As a person who grew up on electric stoves, I was shocked when I bought by first home and it came with gas, instead of electric. It was a shock not only to me, but also to my body. The taste of the food was noticeably different and I did not like this new change. Unfortunately, seeing as I had just bought a home, money was tight and I could not afford to get my stove changed to the way I liked it. That is why I had to buy an electric skillet. When I was looking around, I found that the Villaware electric skillet was the best deal for my money.

The Villaware electric skillet comes with a twelve inch pan for me to do all my cooking in. This is more than enough room for me to cook any meal of the day: whether its eggs and bacon for breakfast, a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch or lamb chops and vegetables for dinner, it fits all my needs. And because the pan is non stick and so easy to clean, I actually can use it three times a day without getting the taste of eggs on my lamb chops. The Villaware electric skillet also comes with a glass lid, which I simply adore because I can finally watch my food as it is prepared. I no longer have to play that guessing game of lifting the lid up and rolling my eyes in disappointment. The Villaware electric skillet also comes with stainless steel cooking handles, so be careful when lifting it up after cooking up something good. Add in a food thermometer for safely checking the temperature of your food and you are all set to start cooking.

Whenever you order a Villaware electric skillet, you will also get a few delicious recipes that you can use for the first time you cook or every time you cook. You will get a recipe for All American pancakes, French toast or potato pancakes for breakfast. If you would like recipes for meals that are not breakfast, try out southern fried chicken, Spanish paella, Italian sausage, Italian risotto, Texas chili, fried rice, couscous, beef stroganoff and Cajun jambalaya for your eating pleasure.

As you can see a Villaware electric skillet can be a fun and convenient tool for anyone to use. Whether you are like me and you don’t like the taste of food made on a gas stove or you need a skillet for an RV or camper, a Villaware electric skillet can be the right choice for you!