Vintage Chandeliers

A chandelier is undoubtedly an indulgence that can be seen used through history. Museums all over the world showcase exquisite pieces of intricately made chandeliers used by royalty. So, when in today's times one opts to give his home decor a vintage touch, it is the thought of a chandelier that first enters the mind. But then just any chandelier will not add a vintage touch to your home. The chandelier itself has to bear a distinctly vintage visage.

The best place to look would be antique shops. Spread the word that you are on the lookout for a vintage chandelier and if you are lucky, someone you know may have an unused one in their attic. As to why it is in the attic and not hanging in the living room, there is just one answer- tastes differ.

Vintage chandeliers are generally ornate pieces with intricate carvings. Candle chandeliers are a good bet as they have an antique feel to them. But they might not be a practical acquisition unless they have been modified to accommodate electrical fittings. Other materials that vintage chandeliers are made of are crystal, wrought iron, brass or antlers. Do remember that vintage chandeliers are rarely, if ever, shiny in appearance.

If you do not find a suitable piece of vintage chandelier on the market you have another way of procuring it. Buy a wrought-iron or a brass type of chandelier and work upon it to age it. This is possible by the application of an antiquing glaze on the chandelier. This process will impart a suitable authentic antique feel to your brand new chandelier. When the glaze is still wet, rubbing the metal with a soft cloth gives the metal a worn out look, and, your vintage chandelier is ready.

Take care to alter the decor of the surroundings also in a suitable manner. The vintage look must be enhanced by a vintage ambiance.