Vintage Toy Soldiers – Collecting Marx Toy Soldiers

Children from all around the world have been awed by the Marx toy soldiers since the 1950s. The previous generation was really into such action figures because during their time, wars were just concluded. Now, interest in collecting the figures has been revived.

Marx toy soldiers were a masterpiece and flagship toy product of Louis Marx and Company. The toy manufacturing firm was founded by a veteran toy maker, Louis Marx, who has been referred to across the toy making industry as ‘Toycoon’.

Especially since the 1950s, the company was known for selling trademark and all-original lines of toys, which are most associated with the military. If you are wondering why the company is focused on military action figures, you should know that Mr. Marx was a former sergeant at the US Army prior to his establishment of the company.

Through time, their toy soldiers, in particular, have been among the most sought after and interesting toys specifically for boys. Many observers note that back in the days, girls had Barbie dolls while boys did not get left behind as they have the action-packed and very impressive action figures.

As time passed, likes and preferences of kids changed dramatically. With the advent of computer games, action figures like those of Marx’s have been put aside and have often observed drastic declines in sales. But many enthusiasts and fanatics of the original vintage toy soldiers have been asking software and videogame developers about virtual games featuring them. Unfortunately, up to now, development for such has yet to take place, but clearly there’s some extensive interest.

Even though the company is long out of business, Marx toy soldiers are starting to mark a comeback as a vintage collectible. Vintage toy collecting in general is responsible to some degree for the revival of interest, but the loyalty of long-time avid collectors is certainly highly responsible as well. In addition to the vintage toy soldiers, some small companies specializing in action figures are also doing re-casts of some of the more popular Louis Marx toys, including the toy soldiers. But, of course, some collectors will always prefer the original.