Vinyl Deck Railing on Your Pool Deck

The Beauty of a Pool Deck

Among many changes going on in the world is the fact that people are spending more and more time outdoors. They work because they have to work to pay the bills. However, in their spare time they’re choosing to spend their time outdoors. The addition of decks to the home gives them the perfect place to spend their time outdoors. Cooking out, reading, laying in the sun, entertaining or just relaxing are some of the many things people do on their decks. Whether your deck has a vinyl deck railing or elaborately designed wood railing, you deck is a place for fun as well as adding beauty and value to your home.

Another choice many homeowners are making is adding a pool and pool deck to their home. This is the perfect way to add some beauty to an otherwise drab backyard. It’s also something your entire family will enjoy. Your backyard will also be the envy of your friends. Although a pool by itself is a great addition to your home, this will enhance the beauty and functionality of the home. A pool deck will change your pool from a place for swimming and sunbathing to a place that is perfect for entertaining.

Types of Pool Decks

The pool deck is the area around the pool, depending on if your pool is below or above the ground. Regardless of which type of pool you have, you can easily install a pool deck to match the pool and enhance the beauty of your home.

If you have an above-the-ground pool, you can choose to install a matching pool deck with vinyl deck railing. This type is usually made of redwood, pressure treated wood, cedar and various other types of wood. This wood is treated with compounds to help prevent rotting and termites. You have your choice of enclosing your entire deck or making a partial deck. Always check with your local officials on building permit laws in your area before you begin your construction.

If you have an in-ground pool deck, you have a few more choices available in the line of pool decks. You can use wood for your decking as well as stones, tiles or concrete all around the deck flooring. With the varieties of stones or tiles, you can choose from many textures and finishes. Make sure the wood in maintained regularly to keep it from rotting.

Traditional pool decks are made with concrete blocks. Although these are strong and durable, they require a lot of digging to get the concrete footings properly installed, unlike floating concrete blocks, which are kept on the ground. Many homeowners are choosing to make a combination pool deck with a raised deck by their above ground pool and a lower attached deck flooring with stones or tiles and attached vinyl deck railing.