Vinyl or Linoleum Flooring For Bathrooms?

Do not underestimate the importance of choosing a good floor for a bathroom. A floor changes the way an entire room looks and also has a significant effect on the kind of experience you will have in there. Bathrooms especially need durable floors that can take moisture and dirt and the most common choices are generally vinyl and linoleum, or lino.

Many people think that lino and vinyl are the same, but they are actually markedly different substances. Both, however, are good for bathroom flooring. Vinyl is synthetic and popular for its practicality, low cost and ease of installation. It is not difficult to lay a vinyl floor yourself and it comes in a range of styles and designs. In other words, if what you’d really love is a wood, marble or brick floor, you can easily find vinyl that gives you the look with the added advantages of being much easier to clean and more durable. Vinyl is water and dirt-resistant and can be cleaned easily.

You can also get non-slip vinyl so it is still easy to walk on when wet. Linoleum is a different material and while in recent times many people have switched from it to vinyl, it still holds a number of advantages. A natural substance, it is derived from linseed oil – hence the name. Though vinyl wears well against having things dropped on it, lino is sometimes considered to be even more long-lasting if it is properly maintained. It may have a special treatment to help it repel water and grime. Lino can also be thought of as more sustainable, since it is natural, and is easy to look after.

You will just need a mop, water and a gentle cleaner. It can tear, however, so dragging objects over it is best avoided. Lino may also be more likely to fade in appearance if the room receives a lot of sunshine. Both vinyl and lino are popular for bathroom flooring and well-suited to the purpose. Neither is significantly better than the other. To decide between them, think about your lifestyle and circumstances and also look to see differences in their appearances. Keep your bathroom floor clean and well-maintained and both vinyl and lino will repay you for many years.