Vinyl Siding Mold Problems – How to Eliminate the Green Stuff

That’s when you’ll notice how much of the mold has taken over. You might ask yourself, “Can’t the rains take care of that awful green growth?” The answer is no, the mold has to be manually cleaned. And you don’t need professionals to do the job for you.

You’ll often find vinyl siding mold problems on the areas which sunlight doesn’t regularly reach, and often these are the sides of the house which are shaded by large trees. You can also check drainage pipes running on top of them, since mold usually stems from regular water runoff.

Vinyl siding mold problems can be treated with a good, vigorous spray of water from a compressor or a pressure house, but you’ll risk damaging the surface or splashing water onto places where it shouldn’t be.

Instead, use your regular garden hose to wet the surface, just to make cleanup a bit easier. Use a small amount of bleach to get the stubborn growth off or use one of those powerful cleaning products advertised on TV (it’s time to put those home shopping products to good use). But before you do that, test the product first on a small area of the vinyl siding to make sure that it’s not too harsh so as to damage the surface.

A product known as Vinyl ReNu is specially formulated to work with vinyl siding mold problems, and the manufacturer guarantees that it can protect your siding for a good 10 years. The solution protects against harsh UV rays, is safe to use and has passed EPA’s standards, and forms a shield that would protect the surface from peeling, cracking or discoloring.

Moldex Deep Stain Remover and Moldex Protectant are also products that you can check out. They come in convenient bottles – your choice of a trigger spray, ready-to-use bottle, or a 32-oz hose end sprayer which can easily cover an area of 3,000 square feet. You’ll feel like a pro while using these products, and they don’t contain harmful bleach or ammonia that can harm the surface of your vinyl sidings.

Use a big, sturdy brush to scrub off the green mold that has built up on the vinyl siding for months or even years. You may alternatively attach a Mildecide spray at the end of your hose. This spray is readily available in large home centers.

If you spot vinyl siding mold problems on one side of your house, there is of course the big probability that the rest of the vinyl siding around your house is contaminated, too. Now, if you don’t want to go through all the trouble, you can hire experts to work on the cleanup job for you. It won’t cost as much as a mold cleanup on the interior of your home and is usually finished in just a few hours.