Violin Music For Beginners – A Quick Guide

This guide to violin music for beginners will help you learn and appreciate the instrument. It offers a way to learn violin without having to spend much time or money. Here are a few tips you should consider.

Purchase a Quality Instrument

Buying a quality instrument does not mean purchasing the expensive one. Just choose a violin that produces good tone and you're ready to practice. If you can not decide on a specific brand, ask for the help of a shop assistant or consult a violin expert to help make the choosing process easier.

Play in a Good Position

The violin should be parallel with the floor while holding it on your arm. It is horizontally placed on either side of the body. The soft spot at the back of your collar bone is the best place to lay it on. Aside from the chin rest, you can purchase a shoulder rest that can add more comfort to the player.

Use a Fingering Tape

Fingering tape is a colored strip of tape that is used to guide novice violin players. It labels the spot where you should put your fingers on the violin. The tape is removed once you master the proper placement of fingers.

Purchase a Nice Set of Accessories

It's important to gather everything that's needed to practice the instrument. Apart from the violin itself, you'd need a music stand and a pencil to note difficult passages and fingerings. Several other accessories are also worth the purchase. Here is a quick look at them:

• Rosin

The rosin provides the friction and the sound. Without it, the bow will produce a false whispery sound when played across the strings.

• Peg Drops

Peg drops keep the pegs from slipping and sticking against each other.

• Violin Polish

Violin polish contains a lint-free instrument. It also cleans the strings after you play.

• Violin Music for Beginners Guide

Guides offer tremendous help in learning the violin. It may contain sheets that help you read violin music and other essentials for practice. You can also purchase software programs that can train you on a step-by-step basis.

Browse the Web

The internet is a rich source of information for almost anything. Here you will find the resources you need to learn the violin. There are how-to videos, articles, forums, and even lectures that can properly coach you on the instrument. Learning violin music for beginners may seem like an overwhelming task. But once you start on it, you'll find it easy and worth craft.