Virtuous Woman

“Flee also youthful lust: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart” II Timothy 2:22

In our time, the world is eventually growing wild of many sinful activities. This is seen in various aspects of life. Sin is everywhere; on the radio, television. Internets, magazines, pictures and other system like music and education. Other indescribable unseen such occultism, voodoos, and spiritism are also on the increase.

I will like to hammer on radio, television, internets, films and magazines.

To follow good things in our time is not easy as to unbelievers and backsliding Christians. Many at times even some Christians are posted with choosing between good and evil when the need arises. We are confronted on every angle as things pertaining to sex are increasing on an alarming rate. I know you will agree with me in our presence world situation, how sex is openly portrayed and displayed without check. Talked about freely, watched on TV’s, in films (porno), in magazines; free sex raiding the youth.

It is quite amazing that some people will like to say it is not easy to remain a virgin in the mist of all these sexual confrontations. Even though humanly true, it is never the solution on the Christian platform. Despite the various emotional stirrings due to numerous sexual appealing; we are still commanded to flee youthful lust and fornication and rather pursue virtue- I Corinthians 6:18, II Timothy 2:21-22

The Bible still continue to admonish us to purge ourselves. Purge ourselves from what? From the various worldly cankers. You need the word of God, increase prayer, bible application and an unmovable faith to overcome and flee.

Your must stop entertaining the watching of pornography films and pictures, exploring into romance and sex, asking foolish and unlearned questions: ‘is it a sin to take a boy friend’; ‘can’t I try sex before marriage’; ‘can’t I find out whether we are compatible through sex’. All these questions demand no answer since your desire to do these things will cause you to loose your virginity no matter what.

You have a target to hit as a woman- virtuous woman. Why don’t you pursue this wondrous adventure and fulfill your dreams of true womanhood. Virginity is part of the fulfillment of your womanhood; it is the first fulfillment; it defines you as truly virtuous.

Pursue virtue; that should be your target.