Vistaprint Vs 123print – Which One Is Better?

If you like variety when it comes to online printing services, then you do not want to be stuck with just one service. Moreover, if you do stick to just one you want to know that it is the best. Currently Vistaprint has the best reputation, but their close competition is 123print. Which one of these is better though?

Doing a simple comparison of Vistaprint and 123print it is easy to see some things right out of the gate. If you do a small amount of business with each website this gives you the chance to see who offers the best customer service. Many people who tested both services believed that 123print was very customer oriented.

Some people who have used both services feel that Vistaprint does a good job when it comes to graphic imaging as well as organization. People felt that 123print wins the battle when it comes to prices as well as having less advertising. Vistaprint does advertise, and this is something that can not be avoided.

Vistaprint slightly higher quality printing

When it comes to Vistaprint vs 123print I found many people who did a test by printing business cards using both services. Many people felt that Vistaprint made cards that appeared to be of better quality, if not just by a small margin. The color was also slightly better as well.

Comparing homepages of both websites

You are going to find that the homepage of Vistaprint is put together in a very well organized fashion. This means it is not going to be hard for people to navigate to exactly what they are looking for. Everything seems to be organized according to the items you might need, such as business products or personal products.

When it comes to the homepage of 123print many people felt that it was a bit disorganized and confusing to navigate the way they wanted. People felt it was hard to get to the things they wanted to purchase. They said the main products were not organized the right way and that all of the flashy special effects would put you off.

Image uploading for both websites

Vistaprint offers an image upload format that is going to make it simple to upload images and the crop them and rotate them while on your computer. Many people felt that with 123print it is going to be more difficult when you are trying to upload your images. On the plus side, 123print is not going to charge a fee for deciding to use your own images, so this is a fair tradeoff is a lot of people's minds.

Cost of shipping for both websites

People felt that the cost of shipping on both websites was not really all that different. If you do a search on the internet though you will likely find more consumer complaints about Vistaprint's shipping over 123print.

The cost of using Vistaprint or 123print

You are going to find that Vistaprint tends to be a bit more expensive than 123print. If you want better options are far as pricing is concerned, 123print seems to be the way to go.