Waiting for Someone to Pump Up Your Emotions?

Every day we start with a certain amount of energy. We can amplify it by consuming clean, non-processed food, putting a smile on our face and start taking steps that converges with your purpose, our “in-game goal”. Fortunately or not, some days are far better than others and for some people all days are just an average mediocracy, waiting for someone to ruin their day. Do you hold the responsibility of your own emotional ecosystem?

The vast majority of people, grow up in social circles that have as a basic principle of being emotional irresponsible. Have you ever heard people near you or even yourself saying “you just ruined my day, he really pissed my off, I can’t continue my work”?. I bet you can recall a dozen phrases which, incline a person has given the “authority” of his or her own emotions to another human being.

We are so “busy” and at most of the times unsatisfied with our lives, that we tend to blame our friends, our family, boss at work, in effect we start moving in a downwards spiral. We put ourselves as the reaction rather than the action.

On the other side of the spectrum, what we experience its 100% expected, we turned most of the world against us and more importantly we turned our self against us, damaging the self-esteem by not acknowledge the actions we have taken.

Let me remind you that you are responsible for your own emotions. I am sure that there are several people you will encounter today, who will cause you trouble with their actions, they will be mean to you. The world isn’t filled with sunshine and rainbows, you will be let down, disappointed and sometimes feel lost. My point is don’t wait for no one to pick you (emotionally) up, choose to rely on your strengths.

I have been hearing lately from numerous of people that they can’t stand being alone, they always looking for company. When they go home, they pick up the phone, or start texting in order to suppress their emotion of loneliness. Consciously or unconsciously, they are waiting for others to pump up their emotional state, forgetting they have the skills which can guide them to achieve happiness and fulfillment. They have put their selves in a position, where it stands extremely difficult to acknowledge the strengths that one can have, by creating a habit of emotional dependency.

When you encounter such an invisible for all those years habit, is to fully accept the fact that is an expression of your self, be friends with it. Only then you can be sure that when a time passes and the habit will come back, at your doorstep, you will be able to face her again.

Still waiting for Someone to Pump Up your Emotions?