Wall Brackets – Secure Your Television

A flat screen plasma television is really a nice item to have in the home, they are space savers and are very fashionable right now. Mounting a TV on the wall is really an exceptional place to put one, it frees up floor space and clearly opens up some design options for the room. Wall brackets are required to mount a television television to the wall.

There is a kit that can be purchased through any home goods store or home improvement store that will contain the wall brackets that are needed to mount a flat panel television to the wall. They are weight rated and can hold up to a different number of pounds depending on the rating. It is very important to make sure that the brackets contained in the wall mount kit are rated to hold the weight of the television that will be mounted, this can not be skimped on, or the TV will be at risk of bending them and winding up on the floor in many pieces. They will come with a safety plate that they will be mounted to; the safety plate will be mounted directly to the studs in the wall. Installation instructions will contain information on how to locate the wall studs. Once the studies have been located than using a power drill the safety plate and the specials screws that come with the kit should be mounted directly to the studies, they will slide into the safety plate and will be secured with fasteners.

There are two types of wall brackets, swivel and stationary styles. The swivel varieties move from side to side the stationary styles do not move at all. The swivel ones cost more but are the favored type, because they do move from side to side and this makes it easier to move the television television around for better viewing. Either type is going to be made from some type of tempered steel, to ensure that they will not bend under the weight of the television.

Wall brackets are an integral component of mounting any television. Spending a little extra money on wall brackets that are rated for more weight than what it weighs is like paying for an insurance policy.