Wall Mount Air Conditioner

For most residential and all commercial air conditioning installation – it is not just placing heater suitable surface, but also quite complicated procedure mounting blocks, connecting pipes and electrical wiring. Completing the installation of conditioning commissioning and test running the conditioner. After installing air-conditioning should be fully ready for use.

To install the conditioner requires specialized equipment and expertise. Therefore requests the installation of conditioning professional installation teams, preferably from the company where you bought the conditioner. Save for installing conditioner can not in any case – better buy a cheaper model, with a smaller number of additional functions. Note: If air conditioning is not installed properly or poorly, it's good work he will not.

Good vendor is engaged not only selling, but also the installation and commissioning of air conditioners, air conditioning, ventilation and heating. This company pays great attention to the quality of preparation and assembly teams. Installers must be certified before each new season.

How to install different types of conditioners

1. Monoblocks – no need to install. Just put in the right place and turn.

2. Window conditioners – they install special complexity does not represent, but we suggest you contact those who have already installed window air conditioners before.

3. Wall-mounted conditioners – They are mounting calls for specific skills and knowledge of technology. When you install a professional service and lifetime of air conditioner will be more, and the external unit operates quieter, and wall space will not be damaged. "Jobber" can set the air conditioner so that the condensate will be poured upon the heads of passers-by, or cracked wall and you will have to re-do repairs.

4. Cassette, floor / ceiling and duct air conditioners – their installation can be done only to professionals. Are the Semi-conditioning is expensive, their installation is complex and is only available to teams of skilled professionals.

Standard installation

Installing the indoor unit air conditioner in a standard setup wall air conditioner outdoor unit is located directly under the window of the room, located in the inner block. The upper edge of the outdoor unit is not above the sill. The indoor unit is installed on the wall adjacent to the window. The distance between the internal and external air conditioner unit (length of freon route) does not exceed five meters. To condensate easily removed from the indoor unit, the line is transported out with a slope of 3-5 degrees (towards the outside down). Indoor unit air conditioner must be installed exactly, otherwise it may leak water. Pipeline, which will circulate freon, electrical power cable and the drain tube (to remove the condensation water) are constructed as follows:

1. Indoors all communications are in a white plastic box.
2. Opening in the outer wall through which the communication is also closed plastic conduit.
3. The thickness of the outer wall does not exceed 60 inches.
4. Outside the building pipes and cables run along the wall, and they are not attached to the wall and protected by a basket.
5. Drainage pipe from the inner block is extracted by 10 – 20 cm through the nearest exterior wall.
6. Electric power cable is laid in decorative boxes white

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