Wall Mounting a Flat Screen Television and Ceiling Speakers

Mounting Televisions Safely

Many people are getting tired of having a big entertainment stand taking up space in their living room holding the TV. This could take up space and give your living room a condensed look and feel. If you are looking to add space to your room and get rid of the entertainment stand, think of mounting your television to the wall. Many new flat screen TVs have a bracket that you can purchase that will allow you to attach them to the wall. Be careful because improper installation can send your new TV crashing to the floor. Here are some tips that will help you mount your television to the wall safely and allow you to have more space in your living room.

Before you decide to purchase the mounting brackets, look at the back of your LCD flat screen TV to make sure you can connect it to the wall via that method. If there is a bracket on the back you have nothing to worry about but if not you are going to need a different type of wall mount fitting. There are wall mounts that can even handle the old style sets that will let them be mounted on the wall. Careful observation will determine which style you need to attach your model to the wall in your home.

After you have the right brackets, find a wall that you wish to hang your device from, that will give the best viewing angle. Choose a wall that is going to give you the best picture quality so the light does not interfere with the screen and so everyone can see it. Now that you have located the best position, look for a stud in the wall. Use a stud finder so you can make sure that the mount is going to be securely bolted to a wall stud. Attach the mount to the wall and to the back of your television using the correct bolt holes via the supplied wall fixings and bolts. Now all you have to do is to sit back and enjoy viewing your wall mounted set.

Ceiling mounted Speaker entertainment systems

Getting theatre quality sound is very simple as long as you know what you are doing and know where you want your surround sound speakers to be mounted. Just putting speakers in the ceiling is not going to work because you want the best sound quality you can in your room. Instead of hiring a professional to install the system, you can do it yourself and save money in the process. Before you get started on everything in your home, purchase the system you want making sure it is recommended for speakers mounted in the ceiling. You can find these systems at any electronics store ranging in price depending on the quality and brand of the system.

Before you start installing the speakers, look in the ceiling to make sure you are not cutting through any wires. When you are cutting the holes for the speakers, measure the diameter of the speakers so you know how big the holes need to be. If the holes are too big, the speakers are not going to be mounted right and not sound like they should. Some ceiling speakers come with a canister that you can mount in the ceiling, then the speaker fits within this fixture neatly.

After the mounting brackets are fixed to the ceiling, run the speaker wires into the canister and to the stereo. You want to measure the length of the wires from the stereo to the speakers to make sure you have enough wire to reach the speakers before cutting your wire. Too much wire is not a bad thing but not enough is an obvious problem Leave the wires unhooked from the stereo so that you can make sure you are hooking the speakers up to the right channel on the sound system. Label each wire by the stereo to give you a better idea of which speaker is which. After all of the wires are run and ready to be connected to the speakers, time to connect the stereo and blast out your favourite music track!