Wall Sconce Lighting – Versatile Illumination

It’s been a hectic and stressful day! I rise early and from the moment I awaken there doesn’t seem to be one minute of me time. I work full time at my job and at home my work is never ending. You’re probably thinking that this sounds just like you. Do not despair. I have found a place to unwind from the day and I do not have go anywhere.

You see, with a little creativity you too can be blessed with a relaxing atmosphere to let your troubles and worries melt around you. This wonderful place that lets me mellow out is my luxurious bathroom. It did not always provide me with this magical feeling. I had to use my imagination and do a little research to make it into my special place or sanctuary.

It was always in my immediate reach. I was just unaware how lighting can change your mood and make your entire self relax. By placing wall sconce lighting in certain areas around my vanity and a hypnotic sconce on the wall overlooking my bath, this room has developed into a spa like atmosphere. It gives off a halo or shadow that surrounds me with a comforting and pleasing feeling. These special effects have given me the energy that is well deserved and needed at the end of the day.

Wall sconce lighting is a functional and decorative piece that attaches to a wall and holds either a candle or a bulb. We can track its history to before the 1400s. It was just a half circle made out of wood or metal and held a small candle. It was only used during these times for functional purposes. Today they are much more complex and decorative.

It can be an elegant addition to any room of your home. It is also a perfect solution for any dark areas in your lighting scheme. Wall sconce lighting looks beautiful wherever they are placed, since they do not have cumbersome cords attached to them. It manufactures versatile illumination with a decorative flair. It bounces its beams of light off the walls and ceilings which provides a subtle glow through translucent covers.

These fixtures are ideal for rooms where floor space is limited and scarce. If placed properly your room will look larger than it is. It can provide a soft background of illumination, highlight focal areas of interest or as a directional track lighting system.

The style that you choose will depend on your personal preference and decor. You should coordinate the fixture with the other furnishings in the room. This is all possible with the many designs, patterns and sizes that are available.

Wall sconce lighting comes in an abundance of styles like art deco, casual, classic, contemporary, traditional, tiffany and rustic. You will also find these wall sconces are constructed in a large variety of materials. Some examples are wrought iron, crystal, glass, ceramic, wood, brass, pewter, copper and stainless steel.

Some wall sconce lighting fixtures can also boost safety. Placing them in dark hallways or along staircases and over your front door gives you protection from injury and potential intruders. They are also safe to have in homes where there are children. These are normally hung out of reach so accidents do not occur.

The light source inside your wall sconce fixture can be either incandescent or fluorescent. You may want to experiment with the different bulbs to judge which is the most effective for the particular location you wish to hang your wall sconce. Most people today are choosing the fluorescent bulbs for its eco friendly nature. Initially they may be more expensive to purchase, but in the long run these light bulbs will last longer and actually save you money on your electric bill. You can also purchase an LED wireless wall sconces. This design is battery operated and is so easy to install a child could do it. You just push a single button to activate and instantly you have light. Other fixtures may need a professional to make certain it is installed securely and properly.

For an inexpensive way to transform an entire look and feel to a room, this is an excellent option that awaits you. You will be able to create a passionate, romantic, relaxing and casual ambience by hanging this dramatic addition.

Realize with wall sconce lighting that in just a matter of moments my end of the day ritual can be yours too!