Wall Sconces – Everything You Want or Need to Know

The use of wall scones in home décor dates back to prehistoric times when it is believed that an outcropping of stone in a cave dwelling presented a great opportunity for the placement of an archaic bowl of animal fat equipped with an equally archaic wick. Through the years, wall sconces experienced a few changes but the basic design stayed pretty much the same. From candles to hurricane lamps to gaslight to electrical bulbs and electric candles, wall sconces have remained an extremely popular home lighting option. The reason why wall sconces have been so popular in the past and remain so today is that they can be placed on the wall, which frees up floor space, and they cast a greater spread of light than other lower lighting sources such as table and floor lamps. For this reason, wall sconces are a great way to brighten up small spaces such as entryways, hallways and bathrooms.

Today you can find wall sconces to compliment any style of décor. No matter whether you prefer the Old World styles of yesterday or prefer a modern Contemporary flair, there is a style of wall sconce to perfectly accent your individual tastes and decorating style. You can also choose from many types of wall sconces including candle sconces, electric bulb sconces and electric candle wall sconces. Once you choose the wall sconces that are perfect for your interior space, it is very important to consider their placement. A poorly placed wall sconce is glaringly noticeable and will not achieve the desired lighting effect. In fact, a painful eyeful of blinding white light from a poorly placed wall sconce may turn off your visitors to your entire décor.

To ensure the proper placement of your wall sconces, follow these few simple steps for placement.

While most experts recommend placing wall sconces five feet above the floor and ten feet apart, others say that wall sconces should be placed much higher, like 5 ½ to six feet, especially in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings.

When choosing the height to place your wall sconces, you should also consider the height of the people who live in your home and the height of those who are likely to visit. If you have an extremely tall family, you may have to place your wall sconces a little higher than most to avoid blinding everyone.

Wall sconces should be placed where they can best highlight other points of interest in a room and not overpower them. You should also take into consideration your furnishings and seating areas when deciding where to place your wall sconces. Make sure that the wall sconces add to the atmosphere and experience of your room not detract from it. When placing wall sconces in an area such as a hallway, make sure that your sconce layout is balanced. You can do this by placing wall sconces 8 to 10 feet apart in a staggered pattern for the length of your hallway.

Wall sconces can be a beautiful addition to any décor, but they can also detract from your décor if not used properly. By taking a few extra minutes to consider the placement of your wall sconces, you can be sure that the addition of these lighting fixtures to your home will have a stunning effect.