Wallpaper Decorating Ideas – Wallpaper Dresser and Headboard

There are a variety of wallpaper decorating ideas you can use in your home. Gone are the days when wallpaper was reserved for your walls alone. It’s easy to take your favorite wallpaper or a leftover piece and put it center stage on a dresser front or as a headboard to create a unique piece that is full of style and personality.

Wallpaper Dresser

Wallpaper is a great way to bring new life to an old dresser. This is a simple project that requires no wallpaper paste!

1. Measure the drawer fronts, and cut your wallpaper to size. It’s a good idea to cut the paper slightly larger than what you need. You can trim any excess off after you are done. Play with the positioning of the paper so that the pattern flows together nicely.

2. Remove the pulls/knobs and take each drawer out.

3. Spray the fronts with spray adhesive and carefully apply the wallpaper, smoothing as you go to remove any air pockets or bumps.

4. For extra protection apply a coat of poly-acrylic sealer over the top.

5. Reattach the pulls/knobs or buy new ones to go with the new look.

That’s all it takes to give a plain dresser some new life and style.

Wallpaper Headboard

Use your favorite patterned wallpaper to create a unique, stylish, and affordable headboard. This wallpaper decorating idea takes a little prepping and work, but the outcome is fantastic.

1. Roll out the wallpaper to your desired headboard width.

2. Trace and cut out the pattern you want for the top of the headboard.

3. Apply the wallpaper according to instructions. The application method will depend on which type of paper you have. Some require wallpaper paste, and others are pre-pasted. Start applying the top of the headboard pattern and work your way down, carefully placing each piece to flow seamlessly with the next.

This project is much easier with two people, so find a friend to help you create a show-stopping wallpaper headboard.