Wallpaper Paste – How to Make Wallpaper Paste That Works Like a Charm

How to make wallpaper paste? It is easy. Making homemade wallpaper paste has its advantages. First, it only takes a couple of minutes. Second, it is cheaper. Third, you can prepare your own paste that is environment friendly.

Learn how to make wallpaper paste with the following. Using the following ingredients, the preparation itself and gathering of the following is easy because they can be bought at any local stores.

1. Wheat flour or rye (250 grams)

2. Warm water (2 liters)

3. Turpentine essence or environmental friendly solvent (2 deciliters)

4. Sugar (2 tablespoons)

The following are guides in how to make wallpaper paste.

1. Mix the wheat flour or rye with one liter of warm water. Mix these two using a whisk. Start with enough amount of water to dissolve the flour or rye. Make sure the mixture becomes free of lump and smooth. Little by little, add more water until the mixture consistency becomes thin and easy to pour into the pot.

2. Put over low heat, with constant stirring for at most 10 minutes, at least 5 minutes. It will be noticed that the paste will thicken. Gradually add the remaining one liter of warm water. As the mixtures heats up, it will continue to thicken. Regularly stir. Cover it every once in a while, this will speed up the heating of the mixture. You will know if the paste is ready when the mixture becomes thick enough to stick on the whisk. Pour the paste into another container.

3. Add 2 deciliters of turpentine essence or any solvent that is environment friendly. This is to keep the paste from spoiling since it is made of flour. The paste will also gain pesticidal properties. This will help in keeping you wallpapers last longer. Since wallpapers, as the name suggests, are made of paper, there is high possibility that some pests will get attracted to your walls.

4. However, the solvent will speed up the drying process of the paste. Add two tablespoons of sugar to make it dry more slowly. Sugar also strengthens the solution. This step in how to make wallpaper paste allows you to make sure you will be using a wallpaper paste that is of good quality.

The two liters of wallpaper paste are just enough for 3 rolls of small to medium sized wallpaper. It will be better if you have a bigger pot that can accommodate more volume of mixture. It will allow you to make more in lesser time. It will also help you save. While making your own wallpaper paste is indeed easy, it will still take time for you to prepare the whole lot of paste needed for one room. So if you can use a bigger pot, it will be of great help.

Happy Wallpapering!