Wallpaper Removal Tips 101

So you are thinking of getting rid of the wallpaper your mom have from the 1980s? I am sure you are thinking of peeling that thing off the wall. I am sure you are wishing that you can just peel that wallpaper and rip it apart and get new fresh paint on that wall. Does not that sound all that easy, just peel and remove that ugly out dated wallpaper?

Let me tell you, as easy as it sounds it is not all that simple. Well, it is not "that" simple. There are many factors that come in to play while planning wallpaper removal before you go on about stripping the paper. But once you understand what is really happening below the surface, wallpaper removal becomes quite simple.

First and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is that removing wallpaper is not like peeling a skin off of an orange. It is going to be lot messier then that. And unfortunately, there is no other way around it. Small, large bits and pieces of wet paper, covered in adhesive, will end up on and stuck to everything that is not covered. The good thing is, it cleans up easily with some soap and water.

To begin with, you can minimize or remove the opportunities of creating any kind of mess by taking the time to cover the furniture with inexpensive plastic drop. Move the furniture away from the wall, if possible by at least three feet, to the center of the room. Now that you have prepared the work area, you are ready. Start by finding an edge and attempt to peel the paper off. Heavy vinyl and fabric wall coverings will just peel right off the wall while other types will split, leaving a layer of plain paper on the wall. This is where things get trickier. When you start peeling off the plain paper, it will come off in bits and pieces.

Now if you had one of those heavy vinyl or fabric wall paper, you are done since it just peels right off the wall. But for those of you who have something other then that, you have little bit more work to do before you go out on your deck or sit in your backyard stretching and sipping coolers. What you are going to need now is warm water and a sponge. You can begin by applying little warm water to loosen the bond between the wall, the adhesive and the paper. Once you apply the water using the sponge, start peeling the paper slowly. Be sure not to apply water that could run down the wall and create mess on the flooring.

Now the largest secret to wallpaper removal! All you have got to do is, wait! That is right, wait. Moisten the area again and wait some more. It typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the planned paper to completely soften the adhesive beneath. At this point, you can take a small knife, around 6 inches long, and slide underneath the moist paper. You can then use the knife to remove the paper from the wall. Paper will come off easily and in long strips. You can re-moisten the paper if you feel the paper is dry.