Want Her Back?

A good place to start is to look great, be healthy and filled with energy. Are you a bit on the heavy side of the scale? Society puts a high value on appearance and, chances are, so does she. It won’t hurt to be fit as a fiddle if you’re wanting to get her attention and win back her love. There is an assortment of ways that may help you with this, most of which you’re, more likely than not, already familiar with. The question is are you applying them.

Well, this is where the rubber meets the road. If you want her back, then you need to get started with these simple, yet challenging (for some) tips right away – Time is of the essence!… Look better, feel better, and go get her back.

Drink Water First

Drinking an eight-ounce glass of chilled water before every dinner will make you feel fuller because your body thrives when properly hydrated, and also chilled water, unlike just tap water may tend to go through you faster. The result-you may eat less. Let’s not forget that water does help to keep your liver and kidneys healthy and water detox is more effective and less expensive than any fancy artificial detox beverage being sold.

Practice Portion Control

Generally, it’s not “what” you eat but rather what “amount” you eat every day. Monitor your segment sizes and look to simply eating a meal that will fulfill your hunger. Take a few moments to ration your meals every day instead of simply eating whatever you have a yen for and you will start to shed that undesirable weight and belly fat. Work on those abs-a definite hook.

Change Your Routine

Taking the elevator or escalator too much lately? Instead of elevators or escalators every day, take the stairs as frequently as possible. You might also want to get away from your desk for a change-get up and take a stroll around for a couple of minutes every day. The more you move your body, the more calories you are sure to melt away. And remember, a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest.

Moreover, make a commitment with yourself to workout (does not need to be strenuous) for a specific measure of time daily or weekly. Jot down the sort of activity you will do every day and stick to it. Following an exercise routine, no matter how simple, can make a great difference in your life such as:

— Help you achieve peak performance day after day after day.

— Drop fat that stubbornly clings to your body.

— Increase your sexual health.

— Flood your mind and body with renewed energy and vigor.

Engage a Friend

Having the backing and the help of a friend can be invaluable in reaching goal. For all practical purposes, having an accountability companion can help keep you on track and aiming more towards achieving optimal results. This can also prove to be useful should you need someone to talk to if you feel any desire to blimp out.

Pre-cut Fruits and Veggies

When you return home from work, and you’re excessively pushed or tired, the first thing on your mind may be to go after a sugary tidbit (kill that hunger). Can you think of an easier way to wreck an entire dietary routine?

One common sense approach to abstain from going after something fast and simple that is bad for you, and will certainly not help you achieve your goal to feel and look great, is by getting ready something nutritious that will. You can do this by cutting up a few apples or carrots and have these handy-chilled in the fridge!

Tip: Dip the apples in lightly salted water and remove-this will help them maintain a fresher appearance, It will also add to their sweetness… Yummy!