Want to Build a Veranda? 5 Handy Hints You Need to Know

Before taking the plunge and adding a veranda to your backyard, spending a little time on thoughtful planning can save you dollars and years of regret.

1. Selecting the area

Now you might think there’s nothing to decide here. But there’s nothing worse than an addition that looks as if it’s a tacked on after thought or is out of keeping with the rest of the area.

While the back of the house may be the first choice if you have a great view from the front this might be a better option or maybe there’s more room at the side of the house. Take a walk round the boundary and step out what free area is available.

2. Designing the layout

Gone are the days when homes were built with the traditional veranda around all sides of the house. Although if you can afford it and have the space there’s no reason why this can’t be a possibility.

Designing the layout could be something for the experts if money allows or grab a sheet of graph paper and start with your existing structures. Measure out from the wall to decide how much of the yard you want to lose. Think outside the square box or rectangle as is the case with most verandas. Perhaps an ‘L’ shape will work better or curved edges to blend in with the landscaping.

3. Getting approvals

As with any building project, council needs to be approached to find out about the local building regulations. Approvals and permissions can vary from one suburb to the next so just because the neighbours know someone who built a veranda close to the boundary fence line doesn’t mean your council will allow it.

Height can also make a difference to what needs approval so make sure you do your homework before ordering the materials.

4. Checking your budget

Whether the plan is to build veranda, pergola or extend your patio area nothing can happen if the money’s not there.

Do the sums and take every minor little detail into account. A bag of nails may not seem like a big budget item but if you need hundreds of them and you haven’t budgeted for them the sheets of iron and timber packs will sit in your backyard giving little enjoyment.

5. Choosing the materials

Visit the local experts and talk to friends and neighbours about their experiences. The outback range has been well advertised by Stratco. The company supplies complete kits using quality materials designed for their durability and good looks.

Home improvements are a little like getting a four course dinner ready for a party of ten. It’ all in the planning. Put some time into the preparation and try and cover as much as you can before buying the materials or committing to a contractor.

Think about your long term plans too. The veranda might only be the start or the basis of what can be added on to in the future. Pergolas covered in vines leading off the veranda will provide a shady and welcoming space.